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Do you hold a FAA certificate? Do you have a love of aviation? If you answered YES to any of these questions, CAP might be a great fit for you.

Civil Air Patrol air crews are made up of at least 1 FAA certified pilot and typically two non-pilot crew members.

The Livonia Thunderbolt Squadron rotates with the Monroe Squadron a Cessna 172 on a monthly basis. Pilots from both squadrons can access the airplane regardless of its physical location. During our rotation the aircraft is located at 1D2 - Canton-Plymouth-Mettetal Airport.

Additionally Livonia Members have access to all other Michigan Wing Civil Air Patrol aircraft located across the state including a Cessna 182 G1000 at KARB - Ann Arbor,  a 2017 Cessna 206 G1000 at KPTK - Oakland County, and a 2016 Cessna 172 G1000 at OZW - Howell.

CAP is not a flying club, while many of our activities have a flight aspect, we preform missions as assigned by the Air Force and the Civil Air Patrol Commander.  As a general rule non-CAP members are not able to fly in our aircraft.

To become a CAP pilot you must first join Civil Air Patrol and complete your Level 1 Orientation training as part of the senior member professional development which can take 1-3 months depending on how much self study time the new member gives to the online training.  After completing level 1, the new members would complete a first flight with a CAP instructor pilot and then a check flight. This check flight, often called a CAPF5 or Form 5, follows the FAA ACS and is very similar to your FAA check ride. This is accomplished every year with a CAP check pilot and along with the FAA Wings Program can serve as your BFR.

The Livonia Squadron currently has 7 pilots.

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